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Fireboy and Watergirl Game Online Free

Welcome to the game where you have to visit the dungeons. Here you will visit different places from which you will enjoy. The main characters constantly find themselves in funny situations. And so that this does not end badly, they need help and support. If you’re ready to go on an adventure with them, then don’t delay!

While you play you will learn all the secrets of these guys!

Heroes must be one!

Fireboy and Watergirl cannot imagine their life without each other. Each of them has their own unique abilities. The guy commands everything that is connected with fire. The girl gets along well with the water element. But the only problem is that there is no way they can exchange their talents. These two elements should not intersect, otherwise the guys may suffer.

You have to control two characters at once or call a friend. This can be done with the arrows on the keyboard or the WASD keys. After you get into the dungeon, the participants need to find a way out. These buildings have a huge number of doors, so you need to go into each one. To get to the first goal, coordinated work is needed. Help each other to conquer heights and collect diamonds!

Gameplay will win your heart!

It will be very fun and interesting to play here, because each level is unique. There are a lot of obstacles to pass through. This will require logical thinking, quick reaction and attentiveness. Deep underground there are various creatures that can interfere with the heroes. They need to always be on the alert and act correctly.

It is also full of traps that can force you to start the game over. For example, in ancient temples there are lakes of red and blue color. These colors represent the elements and give hints. In this case, the guy can go into the puddles, and the girl into the lava. No need to experiment and try to change the rules!

Help these friends cope with all the challenges!

The stories of Ice and Fire are very sensual and courageous. Even if they are separated, they will go through all hell to be together again. You can go on different missions to show what you are capable of! At times it will be tense to play, but the result will definitely please you. There are many obstacles that you can learn to use correctly.

For example, after some time, portals will appear. They can carry the hero from one place to another. Sometimes you need to turn levers or press buttons to activate them. If you work in a team, then everything will definitely come out. The game has many secrets that will show you all the delights of this underworld! Let nothing break you!