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Maze Tower Game Online Play

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Are you ready to go to Maze Tower? The two boys desperately believe they can find the treasure. For this, they decided to visit the dungeon. Having reached the right place, they saw that there are many labyrinths. Chests with diamonds are at the very bottom.

To get there, the heroes need to go through many obstacles. There are traps at almost every turn. Sharp rocks can fall right on you if you do not have time to run. Fire that comes right out of the ground. As well as sharp spikes that you cannot walk on. You can control your characters alone or call a friend.

Compete and find out who will be the first to reach the exit! You don’t have much time, so hurry up! You need to be very careful to collect all the jewels! Don’t fall into the clutches of monsters! Strike so that no one leads you astray!