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Fireboy and Watergirl 1: The Forest Temple Game Online Play

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Fireboy and Watergirl love to go on adventures. They don’t care that it threatens their lives. They are confident that they will overcome any challenge. Let’s help these guys pass the new challenge! You have to get to know the characters from a new side. To pass all the levels successfully, the participant needs to be very attentive. Controlling two characters at the same time is a tough task!

Travel to an unknown place!

To make the game more interesting, you can invite your friend. One of you will control the guy, and the second – the girl. But you can also control them yourself by using two parts of the keyboard. These guys know how to control the elements, which gives them certain opportunities. Fire and water are incompatible things, at least that’s what everyone says. But in this case, they will not cope separately. After they have gone to a mysterious place, they must work in pairs.

In this game you have to visit the dungeon. There are many plants here that can confuse you. The main task is to get to the door. After the two characters reach the exit, they can go to the next level. It will be very exciting to play, because there are a lot of new things! Do you remember that Fireboy and Watergirl must never climb into a green swamp? In addition, the guy can freely pass through the blue lines, and the girl through the red ones. Don’t forget to collect all the crystals so that you are let through!

Also in the game you need to move through portals. This will allow you to teleport and get closer to the exit. The characters must help each other, because without mutual action they can not cope! The game will be tense at times, but you mustn’t give up! Try different options for all the puzzles! Use your logic and make the right choice! It all depends on how you can think logically. Be confident in your heroes! Good luck!